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Worship Arts Ministry

Worship Arts Ministries consists of individual ministers and teams of ministers who draw the congregation into celebration of the person, presence and power of the Lord through music, dance and drama. This group of talented individuals uses their gifts in a public fashion to enhance corporate gatherings and draw individuals closer to the Lord and His Word.

Our praise team is called the Sound of Worship. The team consists of vocalists and musicians who work together to enhance corporate worship of our great God and King. We want to create an atmosphere where the entire congregation can enter into the presence of God and lift high praises unto Him without reservation. We want people to enter His presence and be changed forever. Our process includes our personal lifestyle worship and living unto the Lord, improving our musical skills, and coming together as a team to worship God. Out of that experience, we gather during our corporate services to use music to draw all of us closer to the Lord.

Hosts & Hostesses

Our hosts & hostesses keep us comfortable during our gatherings by providing an environment that reflects the love of God through order, cleanliness and hospitality. The team consists of people serving in a variety of roles such as serving our guests, house maintenance and cleaning, ushering and parking attendants. If you appreciate the beauty of the Lord through order, then this team will serve you well, and would love to have you come serve others as well!

Intercessory Prayer

So it was, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed; and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed (Exodus 17:11 NKJV)

This is our commitment as intercessors - to pray. We lift up our hands daily so that our families, communities and nations come to their true destiny. Our prayers are also for the people of God, that we will continue to win our battles against the enemy, enter into our inheritance and fulfill our calling as a church. We are the Moseses, Aarons and the Hurs of our time. We lead the way in fulfilling one of the core aspects of the HOW Vision & Mission – to be relevant to society through effective prayer. So come join us, and together we will cause “Israel” to prevail. Come, let us pray.

Administration Ministry

House of Worship’s Administration Ministry manages the administrative duties and functions of the church. We provide administrative support to our Pastors and all of the ministries of the church. Members of this ministry team must exemplify a Christ like character of trustworthiness and integrity in revenue protection and maintaining confidentiality. Effectively managing and organizing the financial and administrative tasks of House of Worship is our utmost priority.

You can play a crucial part in the Kingdom of God and this body of Christ by becoming a part of this ministry. If you are gifted administratively, a team player, committed and dependable, there is a place waiting for you. We also welcome volunteers in our Administration office to assist with clerical and data input.

The administration teams include:

- Finance-Responsible for money management to insure the proper counting, documentation, securing member envelopes, and making bank deposits.

- Resource Room- Responsible for the sales and inventorying of Christian materials such as books, CDS, DVDS, training manuals, and apparel. Team members are accountable for the counting, recording of funds and making bank deposits.

- Event Management Team- Plans and executes God inspired and memorable events for the Church and Community Outreach ensuring a successful event and experience for all attending.

Current Worship Address: 1928 Frederick Road 
Catonsville, MD 21228
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 442
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Telephone: 410-902-0060

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