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There are many different contributions and commitments that people can make to a church: prayer, service, financial support, encouragement, referrals, and much more. Some of these commitments are visible and easy to appreciate; others are done in the background and may only be seen by the eyes of the Lord.

There are two levels of partnership for people who believe in the work of the Lord here at House of Worship (HOW)!


Being a Member Partner simply means:

    *   PRESENCE: You are here somehow, someway!
    *   PARTICIPATION: You serve! You give!
    *   PROGRESS: You grow in Christ!

You do not have to be in Maryland to be a member partner! We have partners out of state who are 'present' at teleconference activities, give towards the ministry regularly, and who are growing in Christ!!


Being a Seed Partner simply means being a friend of House of Worship

    *   Sowing into the ministry with prayer
    *   Financial support
    *   Gifts
    *   Ideas
    *   Volunteer services or in whatever way you are able!


Partnership Orientation is held on the last Sunday of every month after service. If you are interested in partnership, stop by and hear about HOW first hand.
If you have questions or would like more information regarding partnership, please leave your name and contact information here.

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