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 Kingdom Kids ministry meets every Sunday during our corporate service. We have classes for children ages 1 – 14. Our classes include Lifegivers 1-2 year olds, Builders 3-4 year olds, Ambassadors 5-6 year olds, Governors 7-9 year olds and Rulers 10-14 year olds. Other activities include annual training, Resurrection day programs, graduation, harvest sleepover and Christmas program. Volunteers for the ministry include an overseer, team leaders, teachers, praise and worship leaders, helping hands, and various assistants. Volunteers hold monthly meetings and an annual training to improve our ministry. Come join us, and see what our incredible children are up to now!


We have a nursery available for families with young children. We currently do not have teachers/assistants for this class. Infants must be supervised by parent/ guardian at all times. There is also an overflow room equipped with video footage of the service, so parents can watch the service while taking care of their little ones.

Readiness for graduation to Lifegivers: Age 1 & Walking

*Many little ones are not ready to be dropped off at class at a year of age. We advise that a parent/guardian be available to help them transition during their first weeks in the Lifegivers class.


The Lifegivers are the wonderful toddlers at HOW whom we all love to pick up and cuddle! They are learning to talk, interact and enjoy exploring their environment. This stage can also be exhausting for their parents, who are trying to keep up with them, and for their teachers as well! As precious little one, we welcome them into HOWCC! It can be difficult to bring young children to any organized setting. Our primary goal for families with infants and toddlers is for both parents and children to be blessed when they come to church.

a.)   Learn to worship
b.)   Learn to pray
c.)   Enjoy being at church

*Lifegivers should be changed before being dropped off. Parents must complete a short form that will let the teacher know when child’s last meal and changing time was. Parents will be contacted if their child needs a diaper change. All their bags, sippy cups and pertinent supplies must be labeled.

Readiness for graduation to Builders:

- Age 3 (by September 1 of calendar year)
- Settle themselves

- Sit still for intervals of more than 5 minutes at a time



The 3 – 4yr old young ones are learning to formulate ideas, are testing their environment and are very active. What a wonderful time to start imparting biblical truths and sharing the love of Christ with them!

We help these young ones to enjoy being at church, to be comfortable praying, and to enjoy studying the Word of God. For the Builders to understand and practice these basic principles:

a.)  God is real
b.)  God is with me all the time
c.)   I can talk to God and He hears me and helps me
d.)   Prayer & Worship
e.)   Working in groups

Builders who are not potty trained should be changed before being dropped off. Parents will be contacted if their child needs a diaper change. All their bags, bottles and pertinent supplies must be labeled.

Readiness for graduation to Ambassadors:

- Age 5, going to K & 1st Grade (by September 1 of calendar year)Working in small groups

- Obeying rules and following direction

- Working in small groups


Our 5-6 year olds are on a roll! They are learning to read and write, they ask lots of questions, and have lots of ideas of their own! This is a time of their lives when we must solidify their biblical knowledge and show them how to apply the Word of God practically in their lives.


For the Ambassadors to understand and practice these basic principles:

a.) God loves me as my heavenly Father.

b.) God’s Word teaches me the truth about how to live.

c.) If I ask Jesus into my heart, then I will become a child of God.

Readiness for graduation to Governors:

- Age 7

- Going to 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade (by September 1 of calendar year)

- Good Reading Skills



The 7-9 year olds are little men and women! They understand who they are, what they like to do. This age is ideal to begin to make solid decisions to live for God!


For the Governors to understand and practice these basic principles:

a.) Make a commitment to be a Christian and understand the concept of salvation.

b.) Be comfortable using the Bible to gain direction

c.) Understand who God is, and how to have a relationship with Him.

d.) Understand what it means to be relevant to society.

Readiness for graduation to Rulers:

-Age 10

- Going to 5th Grade and above (by September 1 of calendar year)

- Good reading and writing skills

- Taking responsibility for choices

-  Developing peer leadership skills


The 10 – 13 year olds are in the pre-adolescent & adolescent stage of life. They are caught in between childhood and young adulthood, and in many respects they tend to feel “caught in between” in life. HOWEVER Jesus knew his calling when he was an adolescent wandering in the temple. So this is a critical age for them to truly make a choice to life for Christ, and to begin to be life-giving to their community. With this in mind, the Rulers are all about real life application.


a.) Make a commitment to be a Christian and be comfortable explaining salvation.

b.) Be firm in their commitment to God

c.) Be able to share their faith with others.

d.) To be baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit
e.) Know how to live as a Christian
f.) Understand forgiveness and learn to trust God

Readiness for graduation out of Kingdom Kids:

- Made a commitment to be a Christian
- Age 1

- Participation in church activities, including giving tithe and give offerings

*The Rulers join the adults for service in the sanctuary on the last Sunday of every month. 



Graduation: Every year we celebrate the children’s transition into new classes, and for some it is their graduation out of Kingdom Kids into the Youth Ministry. It is an exciting time of music, special presentations from the graduates, and honoring the children as the move to a different level. Always a precious time for everyone at HOW!

Harvest Sleepover (October): This fun event is a celebration of God’s goodness to us! The children spend a fun-filled night at church complete with praise, games, plays, music, movie and great food! After all that excitement they somehow settle down to bed, and are awakened to the sweet smell of breakfast before departure!

Christmas Program (December): The children join the adults for our Christmas Service and participate in the day’s events as we celebrate the birth of our Lord.

Resurrection Day Programs (March/April):
 The children join the adults for our Good Friday and Ressurection Day Service and participate in the day’s events as we recognize the death and resurrection of our Lord


The children are an essential part of House of Worship. They participate in the church programs, and play active roles in various ministry teams with the adults! Because we value our children’s spiritual growth, parents are required to get involved in Kingdom Kids. This allows our parents to be an active part of their child's spiritual education, and learn tools that will enhance their child's spiritual growth and development. Parents participate by providing snacks, serving as teachers in any of the children’s classes, serving as a Helping Hands volunteer to register the children as they come in, or participating in the children’s time of praising the Lord!



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